Dankzij #FreeThePimple durven mensen hun huidproblemen te laten zien


Dankzij #FreeThePimple durven mensen hun huidproblemen te laten zien

We hashtaggen met z’n allen van ‘perfecte imperfectie’ en ‘body positivity’, kijken niet meer vreemd op van een spriet beenhaar en omhelzen álle lichamen. Of dat denken we toch, want mensen met puistjes worden nog steeds een beetje scheef bekeken. Voor hen is er nu #FreeThePimple!


Laten we eerlijk zijn – we hebben allemaal weleens huidproblemen (gehad), maar we posten toch liever een foto van ons gezicht wanneer onze make-up deze ‘imperfecties’ perfect bedekt. De 21-jarige Louisa vond dit welletjes geweest en ze besloot daarom de hashtag #FreeThePimple’ in het leven te roepen. In een Instagram-post, waar ze haar acne laat zien, schrijft ze:

I suffer with acne so therefore I guess I am not perfect but that is ok. I spent so many years covering it up, having it affect my day, affect my life and affect my mental health but now I embrace it as it is part of who I am.

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I am part of a generation that is all about change and speaking up. I suffer with acne so therefore I guess I am not perfect but that is ok. I spent so many years covering it up, having it affect my day, affect my life and affect my mental health but now I embrace it as it is part of who I am. I dream of the day there will be a model with acne printed in a magazine or on a billboard staring back at me, thankfully to our generation there is so much diversity in magazines etc these days with people of different body shapes and sizes and people from all different countries and religions however there still isn’t people with skin problems like acne in those magazines. I get messages daily from people thanking me and saying I am an inspiration showing my acne on social media so how amazing do you think they would feel opening a magazine and seeing someone just like them instead of a ‘perfect’ image. I would love to be that one. #LOVEME20 #LOVEME20 #LOVE20 #LOVEME20 #freethepimple #change

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In gesprek met het i-D Magazine vertelde Louise dat ze vroeger geen mensen om haar heen had met wie ze over haar acne kon praten. De reden achter de bedachte campagne is dus vrij logisch: huidproblemen zijn hartstikke normaal, dus waarom gedragen we ons daar niet naar op het wereldwijde web?

Louisa inspireerde met haar hashtag al snel veel vrouwen. Kijk maar:

Если мой инстаграм – это о моей жизни, то акне – это неотъемлемая ее часть. Наверное, только потому, что без акне я себя уже и не помню. Я живу с акне уже 6 лет и за это время обзавелась уже несколькими приложениями для удаления красных точек с моего лица. Акне не проходит за ночь или за неделю. Лечение включает в себя таблетки, кремы, специальные аппараты, вроде дарсонваля, маски и ежедневную рутину, требующую дисциплины. Иногда банально не хочется выходить на улицу, или встречаться с друзьями. Ещё в школе я думала: «Почему я не могу не ходить в школу из-за прыщей?». Почему мое лицо не может быть просто чистым, как у всех? Я чувствую себя уязвимой без тонального средства или без фильтра. Я не люблю ночевки только потому, что все равно придётся когда-нибудь снять макияж. Акне очень сильно влияет на самооценку, и я хочу сказать огромное спасибо всем своим близким людям, которые никогда не указывали мне на «прыщавое лицо». Я пока что в путешествии, где финальный пункт назначения – это принятие. Я хочу, чтобы каждый, кто неуверен в себе, кого тревожит (вставить сюда что-то, чего вы стесняетесь или стыдитесь в себе) отправился в этот путь со мной. 💗 #freethepimple #acnepositivity

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I’m a woman. I take flower baths 🌺 eat kale and get cysts. #freethepimple

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Growing up, I suffered through several serious skin problems. Acne makes me feel super insecure and embarrassed. I remembered sophomore year, I never stepped out of my house without wearing any makeup. I was scared of school and ppl, I cared too much about how people look at my face. I remembered feeling lack of confidence while talking with other people. I had past relationships that was ruined by the feelings that I put myself through. My acne came from unhealthy diet and sleeping schedules, also alcohol and cigarettes. I started to go to doctors and taking medicines, my acne right now are under control. Yesterday I saw this video by @i_d , I was so moved by all the girls that appeared in that video. The feelings they delivered are so powerful. Even right now I still feel super frightening while typing all these down and actually posting a picture of me without any makeup. Btw I wanna thank my friends and my gf @badjuzl for never judging me and always thinking that I’m beautiful. I remembered the first time I have to take off my makeup in front of her, I covered my face with a pillow and she asked me why would I be afraid to show my true self. Thank you for loving me even when I’m ugly❤️ What I wanna say is, everyone is beautiful in his/her own way, no matter it is acne, skin disease or scars, ppl should always feel confident and always believe that they are beautiful. And for acne, there are so many ways to cure acne and acne scars, go to doctors and start a healthy diet, drink water and always WASH YOUR MAKEUP BRUSHESSSSS🧡 I love y’all beautiful angels and send love under this post❤️ https://youtu.be/HTZoNGJyj7o #freethepimple

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Skin update ✨ • I posted this on my story but I wanted to post it here as well. My skin has been on a seemingly uphill journey for the past couple months. Not the most smooth journey, but still going uphill! 🧗🏻‍♀️ • I have a lot of acne marks right now, but very few pimples. The ones I’ve been getting have been smaller and less inflamed. I’ve noticed my scars are fading as well with the weekly/bi-weekly chemical exfoliation I’ve been doing. • I’ve been trying hard not to pick/pop anything that comes up on my face unless it’s a whitehead (which are safer to pop as long as it’s not red/painful/inflamed) that won’t go away. I’ve also been trying to be more gentle in general with the ways I apply my products. • I feel really good about where my skin is right now. I feel optimistic that I’m heading in the right direction with all of the things I’ve been doing 😊 • Thank you for all of your support and for following my journey 💕 • Routine ✨ Cleanser: @oneloveorganics Easy Does It (with Vanicream’s Gentle Cleanser as a makeup remover first at night). Toner: @pixibeauty Rose Tonic morning and night. A few times a week (at night) I use the Glow Tonic first, and use the Rose Tonic on top as an essence. Serum: @madhippieskinproducts Vitamin C Serum on alternating days that I use the Glow Tonic or in the morning. I basically just never use it at the same time I use exfoliating products. Moisturizer: @auracacia Rosehip oil. One-two pumps is all I need. Rubbed between hands and pressed gently into the skin. This has helped a ton with my skins hydration and hyper-pigmentation. Does not clog my pores. Sunscreen: @drunkelephant Umbra Sheer (Zinc Oxide 20%). Been testing it out for a while and so far I like it! Stay tuned for a more in depth review! ••• #skincareblogger #acne #acnejourney #skincare #adultacne #freethepimple #acneawarenessmonth #beautyblogger #crueltyfree #update #routine #nofilter #iwokeuplikethis #real #bareitall #lovetheskinyourein #drunkelephant #pixibypetra #madhippie

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Heb jij wel eens een pukkel of moet je dealen met een verontrust vel in de vorm van acne, eczeem, psoriasis of andere moeilijke woorden? Laat het niet aan je hart komen en zet gewoon die foto waar je zonder make-up op staat op Instagram.

Bella Thorne krijgt kritiek op haar okselhaar en we just don’t care